annabeth isn’t too fond of photos it seems

a request

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oh that would look lovely in your style

ah thanks mari! im really considering doing it. kinda missing the pjo fan art

Anonymous asked:
Oh my god, I just love your art so so much! I've been scrolling through your blog and I literally can't stop! Please, never stop drawing <3 have a wonderful day! (If you have are interested in hearing, I have a 'little' request: can you draw Annabeth and Piper posing for a photo? Please! *dreamy eyes* )

ah this is sweet!& that’s a cute idea, haha, i might draw it. 

thank you!! have a good day you too uvu

tryna bring the watercolor back

self portrait

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what pencils would you recommend to sketch with?

ahm, it’s hard to say, cause it depends on what you prefer, really… maybe you could like the lighter ones (like, H) cause it can serve as base to later defined lines or cause you’ll be able to slowly build the drawing up; or the darker ones (like, 8B) if you want to be able to smudge the lines easily, one-shot strong lines, or soft-tipped pencils; even mechanical pens if you don’t like to have to keep the pencil’s tip pointed, or if you find it more comfortable 

idk, you have to try!! i ended up using a 0.9mm mechanical pencil, which has a quite strong trace and i find it to be more practical. sometimes i use a 6B faber-castell pencil, sometimes i end up using whatever pencil i find in my place. i, personally, in a sketching pencil, prefer a medium intensity, not those so weak you can barely see and not those super strong, smudgey ones. aaaaaannnndd i appreciate comfort too (also colored pencils!!! they rock and are very good to sketch structures and give life to your sketches!!)    

i can’t really recommend you any specific brand (despite faber-castell cause it’s the one pencil brand i use) because of location and such, and also that i haven’t tried pencils enough to know. so try it yourself!! and have fun!!!

Anonymous asked:
do you recommend any anatomy tips or books? :) I love you and your art!!

hey, thank you!!! so, i don’t know many art books, especially available on the internet for free (i remember to have reblogged once some list of anatomy books but i couldn’t find it, i’m sorry ;n;) 

this is what i could find (on my side blog; i used to have a massive list of favourited anatomy tutorials & references, but my computer went cray and i had to wipe it all) regarding anatomy and/or body drawing in general (there are some interesting references about body structure, geometric shapes and also different separate body parts): [x] [x] [x] [x]

i hope it helps!

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hey just wanted to let you know @thosedamdrawings on instagram copied some of your genderbends instagram(.)com/thosedamdrawings... just btdubs

aaaaa oh my god is this even serious

this person has a fucking serious problem, she did not only copied one genderbent design but THREE AND cropped percy’s head off my art and used it to make some joke AND i’m pretty sure i saw some other people’s art used as a minimum as reference in her other instagram art (and didnt even once said to have taken other artpieces as inspirations, only as “inspired by something i saw somewhere” A WOW NOW YOU’VE CLEARED ALL MY DOUBTS)

idk what i should do??? i mean if i should do something

aaa im sorry it’s just this is really unnerving 


complete 180 degree flip like a perfectly grilled hamburger patty

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I’m in mutuals with a lot of people I’ve never spoken to and if that’s you then I just want you to know that I’ve definitely thought about talking to you at one point and then got scared

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You post photoes or scans of your drawings?

photos! they’re all photos. my scan is not that good and sometimes the images get digitally damaged, so i figured it’s easier to take photos w/ my phone and then edit (the hues/saturation, the contrast, highlights and shadows etc) because the image quality gets so much better. (also, it’s important to find a good light source when you’re going to take the pic so it’s easier to edit later)


internet social game strong

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This is amazing. Also great because I recognize some if the artist that I follow because they’re gold and do are you. But now I have more ppl for inspiration.

yay! this is great! & thanks <3

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 I had to double take when I saw my username- you’re such an inspiration to me so this was a lovely surprise <3

oh man, right when i discovered your blog i could see how special your works were. they are simply amazing! from doodles to finished ones! uvu

Anonymous asked:
how long did it take you to develop your own style? and were there particular artists whose style you looked up to?

it basically took all my life cause i’ve been drawing through all of it haha. but, yeah, i started properly evolving my style when i was about eleven (so, six years for now, considering that im still counting) which was when i started to strive to get better. at this time i had a lot of direct influence of manga style (especially from akira toryiama, tite kubo, rem (jessica remby) and other shoujo artists) and some cartoony styles (like w.i.t.c.h., totally spies and spider-man comics). ((and i pretty much admired tim burton too))

when i got into tumblr i took as major references burdge, makanidotdot, loish, philnoto, xamag and others. i also looked up (and still do) to a lot of artists, the majority from tumblr, which work hasn’t as directly influenced mine as those i cited just now, but i still admire them and aspire to have such a captivating style as theirs

((here it goes, a massive list!!!! go check them all out, they’re all great!!!: mobble; notmusa; babs tarr; jake wyatt; rvsa; shoomlah; seventypercentethanol; paperseverywhere; johannathemad; madithefreckled; galaxyspeaking; alexandra douglass; kevin wada; polararts; stripesandteeth; hileee; andiree; littleulvar; wildparsnip; burstinglight; fdasuarez; bouletcorp; winterfingers; natazilla; happyds; bryan lee o’malley; yummytomatoes; viivus; hannakdraws; milkmanner; analdrawings; lowlighter; sirpangur; deliciousmunchentunchen; meex; abigaillarson; millionfish; teaat2am; shaburdies; marlomeekins; charliebowater; hanoodles; minuiko; oldbore; lowlighter; nico marlet; itsyamtastic. that’s pretty much it, but i’m sure there’s still more to add to the list!))